We have all heard, read or said enough about the rapid pace of technological change for it to become cliche. Perhaps we are numb to the influence of the technological advancements on the social and economical advance. It is perhaps necessary that in the face of these trends, institutions must also cope with rising demands for accountability that is,, for our social responsibility. We try to moderate to a rational up gradation of the knowledge delivery. This perhaps forms the crux of our institutions, Subhwanti Group of Institutions There are several inventive, imaginative and innovative add ups and cut offs to the regular and conventional methods of knowledge delivery system. We are just born perhaps, lean in age but strong in will, determination & resolve. 'The principal mission at Subhwanti Group of Institutions is to faster a consummate milieu of educational delivery system that has perhaps a comprehensive and complete enhancement of knowledge erudition to one and all'

 The delivery systems we have designed to make our philosophy a reality is even more innovative. Creating job seekers alone is not the axiom. I am delighted to welcome the new entrants at our various programs and promise them a bright future with a meaningful existence.

 We care for our students and the society at large. Supporting initiatives that provide a nurturing environment for under privileged children is a key focus area of our Social Responsibility Program. Not only the gap between the have's and have-not's shortened but a positive ray of hope is triggered among the natives to achieve and excel. The trigger is to help them dream and dream the impossible towards a brighter future.

Secretary, Subhwanti Group of Institutions

Satish Kumar Rai

Subhwanti Group of Institutions