The general Aims of the College of Education are to prepare the students to assume responsible in preventive, promotive and curative care of the learner or working teachers by which they can be act as a well qualified and trained teacher to teach the students. They are prepared to assume first level positions in all areas of study and are expected to participate in teaching and managerial function as well. The specific objectives are as follow:

Why Us?

  • To meet the acute shortage of qualified teaching personnel in the state of Bihar as well as country in general.
  • To promote and strengthen the Teacher's skills for better competence in teaching profession in general.
  • To produce Better Teachers for Administration and Education in the Schools as well as Offices for better implementation of the National Education Programme.
  • To provide qualified teachers to the country to cope with advancement in Educational and management field.
  • To enable them to get Job Opportunities at economically better positions in this age.
  • Working together we help to achieve increased confidence and capability in the students of the college.